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What is in my CAMERA BAG?

What is in my MindshiftRotation180° Panorama 22L camera bag?

I was often asked which camera equipment I will be taking on this long travel journey. Usually, I was always pleased with taking photos with the Canon mirrorreflexsystem for all my projects.
When travelling however, I wanted to look for something else because my 5D Mark3 Canon camera with all the lenses was a little too flashy, large and heavy to carry around as a backpacker. Alternatively to that camera was a mirrorless camera, of which there are different possibilities from different brands. Since I have already made good experiences with a Fujifilm mirrorless compact camera, and the new Fujifilm XT2 system camera was launched into the market right before my travelling started, I thought that it was a good time to try it out.
After 6.5 months of daily use, I can already tell that it was the right decision. Of course it was a little different to handle the camera at the beginning. However, I got used to the new system quickly and the quality of the photos is fantastic.