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ART ON SNOW in Gastein (Austria)

I am very happy to be one of the 15 selected photographers who exhibit as a part of ART ON SNOW! Many thanks toJérôme Tanon and Josef Gruber , who make this possible.

During the Art on Snow Bad Gastein will be home to a very special photo exhibition. The “Snowboard Photography Yearbook 2012/13” is a real masterpiece in terms of snowboard photography that unites the best photographers and their most impressive works. The exhibition features a selection of these top-class artworks and became possible through a cooperation with the French, experimentally working photographer Jérôme Tanon, the man behind the book.

In illuminated display walls (“Glow in the Dark”) at Kinoplatz and within the culture pavilion “White Noise“ next to Hotel “Das Regina“ the works will be staged at a special atmosphere.

His ideas for creating the yearbook was to bring together the world’s best snowboard photographers, who all share the same passion and nevertheless, rarely get to meet each other and to present their work in one publication. From the 76 photographers contributing to the yearbook, 15 artists and their best works have been selected for the Art on Snow.

Alex Papis (AT)
Carlos Blanchard (ES)
Christoph Schöch (AT)
Claudio Casanova (CH)
Cyril Müller (CH)
Daniel Tengs (NO)
Dean Blotto Gray (US)
Dominic Zimmermann (CH)
Jérôme Tanon (FR)
Jussi Grznar (CA)
Lorenz Holder (DE)
Mike Helfrich (US)
Rami Hanafi (FI)
Rudi Whylidal (AT)
Tero Repo (FI)

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